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Converge Northeast starts and strengthens churches worldwide. One of the ways we accomplish this mission is through the Cornerstone Fund, a ministry of Converge. For over 60 years the Cornerstone Fund has helped to start and strengthen churches by mobilizing kingdom resources and equipping Converge churches. We provide financial resources and services that enable churches to expand their ministries, and offer competitive investment opportunities for the constituency of Converge.

Imagine the possibility of investing your resources to help build God’s kingdom and receiving the benefit of a competitive rate at the same time. Today, the Cornerstone Fund has over 3100 investors who are on mission to see more churches follow God’s calling by expanding their ministries.

The Cornerstone Fund offers you a variety of investment vehicles such as Term, Demand Investment, Traditional and Roth IRAs and Church Savings Certificates. Your investment will be used to provide mission-critical funding in the form of first mortgage loans to help Converge churches purchase land or existing facilities, refinance existing mortgages or build from the ground up. Together, with our investors, last year we financed 550,000 square feet of new ministry space. That is nearly 10 football fields worth of worship space, fellowship halls, classrooms, offices and outreach centers. With help from the Cornerstone Fund, thousands of people gather to worship and hear the gospel in Converge churches on any given Sunday.

Get started with the Cornerstone Fund by visiting, or call 877.228.8810.

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